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Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2009-12-28

December 28th, 2009

  • With several inches of new snow, we forged a path out to the grill. Nothing like a grilled ribeye to finish off the day! #
  • Got quite a bit done today! Loads of cookies and candies made, plus fried rice for tomorrows office party in Boston. #
  • No part if me wants to start a new week. Can't I skip a day? #
  • I'm down in Boston today for the office holiday party. I brought fried rice.. but it's keeping warm in a slow-cooker. Hope it's still good! #
  • And the 'Party' begins. Not even sure I should break out the camera for this… #
  • Party time has ended.. now for driving time. Then.. some other time 🙂 #
  • Off to Salem, by way of Plaistow. Not a direct route, I know, but I had some pictures printed and I really want to see them! #
  • Sadly, my pictures were not ready for pickup 🙁 I'll check back again tomorrow. #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2009-12-20

December 20th, 2009

  • I'm about to go pickup some free furniture and then head home for some dinner. Free is good! Will at least let me get settled in a bit… #
  • Ordered the Nikon 105mm VR Macro lens today. Refurbished, of course. It's my gift to me this holiday season. Been on my list for years… #
  • It feels like forever since I've been here at the office. It will be good to knock out some projects today… #
  • I'm watching the Boeing 787 First Flight! So cool that it's streaming! #787FF #
  • Boeing 787 is cleared for takeoff! It's taxing onto the active. Here we go! #787FF #
  • The 787 is away! Beautiful airplane but boy do it's wings flex up during flight! #787FF #
  • Getting my Tivo configured using a hodgepodge of a setup. Tivo is hooked up to a computer monitor and online via shared WIFI fro my iMac G4. #
  • Not sure why I'm still at my computer.. fixing that now. #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2009-12-13

December 13th, 2009

  • Good Cantata rehearsal tonight, thought I mixed up some words in my solo second time through. Whoops! I'll need to work on that! #
  • On my way out, I started chatting with a pilot friend. He flyies a 206 up and down the pipeline looking for faults for a living. Cool gig! #
  • I've finally setup a temporary desk here at the house. Mac Pro, dual 24" 1080P LCDs. It's great! I forgot how awesome this machine is! #
  • I've been doing a bit of shoveling this AM. First time at the new place. The paved driveway makes it quite pleasant! #
  • The gas install guy is here. Seems nice enough. Hopefully he doesn't' run into any issues… This is the 2nd to last hurdle… #
  • It seems he has found some issues. The cut off valves are not up to code… #
  • Right, well.. not a good prognosis. The pipe size is too small and the shutoff's are illegal. There goes another $600! #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2009-12-06

December 6th, 2009

  • Back at the office today. Big piles of work to do today… #
  • Just called to confirm my Fairpoint FaST service order. So far so good. They seem to have the details of the order correct. Fingers crossed! #
  • I'm trying to work out my work station for the new house. I think I want a work table, a file cabinet and a side table for peripherals. #
  • And, finally to bed. I think I have the master CD for the Christmas Cantata fully complete. No more pops or drop out left… I hope! #
  • I've got a few errands to run and then I'm off to the office. Busy evening ahead! #
  • As the final move in date comes closer, I'm wondering if I should order cable or not. The price doesn't seem all that high for basic… #
  • So.. I'm on Google Wave. It's exactly as empty and bewildering as I expected it to be. Social doesn't work well in a void… #