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Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-01-31

January 31st, 2010

  • I just popped some beets into the toaster oven for dinner. I think I'll sauté a pork chop as well… and potatoes? Sour dough? We'll see! #
  • Family is coming for breakfast tomorrow, and I'm not ready! I'm going to do a bit more cleaning and then I have got to goto bed… Ugh! #
  • Enduring a church budget meeting. These are horrible to sit through. Politics! #
  • Someone has stormed out of the meeting. A simple misunderstanding has become a much larger issue. The Motion at hand has been tabled… #
  • Relaxing a bit before bed listening to some music. Some good tunes can make anything seem a little better 🙂 #
  • Ignoring the fact that I am tired and have a headache, I've again chosen, like an idiot, to sit at my desk till 11. #
  • Epic fog on the ride home tonight. I just kept my eye on the snow bank. Not as bad on busy roads, but the side roads are thick! #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-01-24

January 24th, 2010

  • First loaf is golden and looks pretty good. I can hear it crackling away on the counter. I may have slashed it a little too deep… #
  • Wow. Excellent bread! The crust is crisp but not too thick and the interior is totally soft. Not bad! #
  • We're a few minutes from the top of the 8:45 service and the projectionist hasn't arrived… #
  • Got lots done and left lots more undone today. Time to rest up for a new week.. hopefully one filled with new snow! #
  • I shoveled off my walkway and it looks like I have 12-14" here in Derry. Let's hope the snow blower starts up! #
  • Time for the traditional snowy morning breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls (Not to worry, I'll work off the calories with snow removal) #
  • I'm annoyed with this useless John Deere tractor mounted snow blower. This hunk of garbage is good for nothing. I'd be better off w/ a spoon #
  • Driveway: mostly done. Me: mostly annoyed but relaxing. Next up: dinner! #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-01-17

January 17th, 2010

  • Clock say 9pm, might as well be midnight. A little TV and I'm going to bed! #
  • Time to wash up, eat some breakfast and head out! Busy day ahead before the trip down to FL. #
  • Important items missing from my house: #1 A Hairbrush #
  • Time to go get packing! Dinner at my parents house so I can pickup some more stuff and then a VERY early morning. Bus leaves at 3:45! #
  • Working with a tech support company to fix a server issue.. I think they are more confused then I am. Not very helpful… Garbage software. #
  • And now from my home to my house for a very early night. Need to leave at 3am! #
  • Should anyone try to rob my house while I'm away.. they will assume they are too late! This place is a total mess! #
  • Well, I think I'm all packed. In little more then 4 hours I'll be on my way to FL. Maybe I can grab a nap or two on the flights… #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-01-11

January 11th, 2010

  • Driveway is clear and Sunday is winding down. Looking forward to watching Top Gear tonight! #
  • After some more email server mistakes yesterday afternoon.. email is working just fine. Still loving Snow Leopard Server! #
  • Time to head for Newton and get some sleep. Mega week ahead at work. So much to get done before a biz trip the week after. #
  • Removing ones self from a warm and cozy bed can prove problematic in the winter months. #
  • Wow. Just got my iPhone working as a modem again. What a process. Seems my VM is working still though, so that is a plus! #
  • Almost time to dash back over to Derry. Perhaps some progress today? Unlikely. #
  • RT @grownathome: New Blog Post is up! Talks about the beginning of Spring Planning for my homestead! #
  • I'm online at the house in Newton. Barely online. Slowly online.. but online none the less. I guess I'll goto bed now 🙂 #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-01-04

January 4th, 2010

  • I got my dad playing Forza 3 with my new racing wheel. What a hoot! Highly recommended! #
  • I'm at the office today, trying to get things in order so I can take a few days off and move into the new house. So far so good! #
  • I got a few errands done this morning, picked up a new water test kit and paid my first mortgage payment 🙂 If only I called it home… #
  • Just signed up for AOPA. Now that the house is mine, I can start to refocus on my pilots license. Not a moment too soon! #
  • Alright, time to fly! I'd like to get the water test done today and I just got word the Gas inspection will be happening at 10am tomorrow! #
  • Arg! I've arrived home from Praise Team rehearsal with plans to setup my Snow Leopard server.. but I left the serial # at my house 🙁 #