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Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-02-28

February 28th, 2010

  • Home from a nice birthday dinner for my dad. Nothing like steak in the winter. #
  • Now for more Olympics. Hopefully I have more than just hockey to watch! #
  • So tired of church politics. Not sure how much longer I'll last… #
  • I've been searching for a specific hardware utility all day for a server I'm setting up. I've finally found it.. and it crashes the server. #
  • Totally wasted day. I made zero progress… and I forgot to bring a bowl to work for my soup. I'm going home to try and make some dinner 🙁 #
  • Lots of Curling queued up on my Tivo. Time to settle in and enjoy! #
  • USA Curling team didn't do well in the standings but still played well in a lot of cases. Too bad we can't get more coverage of the sport… #
  • Lots of great Olympic coverage tonight, ski jumping, aerials, curling.. then 'Ice Dancing' came on. Seriously should not be on in primetime. #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-02-21

February 21st, 2010

  • Every light in my house, just went out… except the outside light. It seems I have one circuit to rule them all… #
  • Skipping dinner tonight.. seems a little late. I'm just going to snack on some left over roast beets. #
  • Off to bed, Bake day is over. I'm feeling quite relaxed which is nice. The upcoming week promises to be tough, esp with the office move! #
  • Yes, I download some trial software from your site. No, that does not mean I want you to immediately call me and pressure me into buying. #
  • I'm trying some 'Greek' style yogurt. It's like eating a container of sour cream. I'm not a fan… #
  • Time to head to my parents house for a few more new computer tweaks. Then a few errands and some dinner 🙂 #
  • Just popped some chicken on a bed of stuffing into the oven. Should make for a nice dinner, plus my final 1/2 beet. #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-02-14

February 14th, 2010

  • And so to bed. Need to get some rest if I want to have any chance of showing up at church on time in the AM 🙂 #
  • What a miserable, restless night. At least I'm up on time… #
  • Sitting through Episode 2 of the Church meeting. It's going much better than I would have expected… #
  • Uhm… it's over. Went amazingly well. 15 Minutes and the meeting has resolved and is closing. #
  • I've just rebooted my Macbook. I use it 10+ hours a day as my main work computer. It hadn't been rebooted in 60+ days. Needed to update it. #
  • 4TB hard drives need to hurry up and get released. The prices of 2TB disks are not dropping nearly fast enough for me! I need them @ $100/ea #
  • To the list of things my officemate cannot do: Copy and paste. I'm not making this stuff up! #
  • The Boeing 747-8 is about to take off on it's first flight! #7478FF Watch it live here: #

Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2010-02-07

February 7th, 2010

  • Not feeling great today. I did get some unpacking done though and started two breads for baking tomorrow. #
  • Time to hit the hay. Feeling a little better after some relaxing. Hopefully the headache is gone by morning… #
  • Two batches of bread are kneaded and proofing. It's amazing what a 10 minute knead can do, both for bread and baker! #
  • Ciabatta came out looking OK. Sourdough is doing it's final rise and I'm out the door for a few errands… then diiner! #
  • I am horrible at shopping. I can't find anything…. Ever. I see no logic in these store layouts. I need store GPS. #
  • The final loaf of the night should be done baking in a few minutes.. which is good because I can't keep my eyes open! #
  • Not bad looking bread! #
  • Arg. I cannot get VMWare Server running on Fedora 12 for the life of me. I've done all the patches ect but when I reboot, it's dead again. #