Topslakr’s Tweet’s for 2012-06-24

June 24th, 2012

  • Dear Internet: Please send me one of these, thanks! HOW A BUNNY SOUNDS | THE WILD UNKNOWN #
  • @jbphoto Cold for sure! Pizza from the microwave is not worth it. Toaster oven or griddle on the stove if you want it warm 🙂 #
  • @jbphoto In the case, save it for tomorrow and cook it on the side walk… should be hot enough! #
  • @XsoucXcoreX who sold out? How do you define selling out? #
  • @jbphoto assuming the room with the a/c is closed off, other rooms and windows can be open. #
  • @historyteach46 what did it do? Is it ok? #
  • @historyteach46 It's time to plan for a replacement me thinks… Keep it cool! #
  • Epic week and I am so tired! I'm glad to be heading home to @AlisonDeAnne! #
  • @jbphoto Maybe there was a tortoise party we don't know about… #
  • @mack505 The trash can designers can't keep up with the amazing size increases you see in fast food packaging… #
  • @mack505 Must be a fear of sharp edges then! No more right angles! #

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