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@6x6pix Rhein II is a great example of acceptable editing. It’s not journalism and it’s not edited beyond recognition (so, still a photo)

@DrShitlord Thanks!

@DrShitlord Aaah! Mystery revealed! You’re like a professor of Whovian knowledge!

@DrShitlord Not by you, I just had retweets in my feed from the @BBCAMERICA feed.

@DrShitlord Watched ‘Day of the Moon’ last night, people covered in tally marks. I thought I saw some twitter pictures of that the other day

@DrShitlord How far into Doctor Who are you? How much has aired in the US, do you know? Started season 6 last night…

What have I done?

@DrShitlord Almost universally, that is how I feel about sales people. Everyone else’s just loves them but I can’t stand them!

@XsoucXcoreX unless you do those things or others ironically, you’re not a hipster.

@allsanddmusic iTunes LP features are a great compliment to the DVD. Glad I bought both. Lots of little extras.

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