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@mack505 crushing news. 19 is a shocking number.

@wingneedle looks good. Too bad a few of them have my ugly mug in them!

@DrShitlord It does have a cult like ring to it doesn’t it?

@apolloniansound I’m looking forward to ordering my copy of the whole album when it comes out on vinyl.

@apolloniansound Obviously! And then, while dancing to No Shadow, I showed of the single itself and it’s sleeve. It’s a nice package.

My parents came to dinner tonight so of course I fired up the turntable and put on Joyce, the single from @apolloniansound. Excellent.

@JonLillie @Micahd @jdboreing @wireddaniel I would walk out if I was the video.. And if I wasn’t. No need to be in that culture.

@DrShitlord Though I chose a lighter fabric, the end result was much the same for me today. I yearn for autumn.

@blankbaby Me too. And it makes me so angry!

@DrShitlord Want? Yes. Do I need it? No. I have a mountain of old adapters.. and computers.. to serve any need. :)

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