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@cornergas Everyone knows you don’t eat the E’s! Pfft!

@XPlaneOfficial Kai Tak and Tenzing-Hillary, depending on the airplane.

@CornerGas Pickup Trucks.

@TannerFoust @TopGear That’s a shot of bus two. What happened to bus 1?

@TSpencerNairn @LorneCardinal @CornerGas So, the Corner Gas PD is now 2.5 officers… according to Oscars census math.

@MillerGabrielle @fredewanuick @TSpencerNairn Ha! Just like when Brent tried to go digital in an episode of Corner Gas. #SnapMaster

@thesoundbooth All kidding aside, several team members have independently bought shiny vocal mics. I don’t know why they are shiny…

@CornerGas 19! 19! 19! Oscar: 21!

#CentOS7 Beta is working great! VM is up and running without issue. Devs have put in a huge amount of effort!

@Monkopotamus @JeffandJulieSF looks great! All I could pick would be a couple short pea shoots.. They are well ahead of me!

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