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@historyteach46 I think its time to move from discs to streaming…

@LondonderryNH I see what you mean, but when I first read the tweet I thought you meant Londonderry had its own system!

@LondonderryNH Radar in Londonderry? Looks like the radar is in Boston.

@historyteach46 I didn’t make them at all. Ali baked ‘me up while I did a first pass at the driveway. 14″ at 8:30 here.

@historyteach46 us too!

@DrShitlord She’ll wiggle back when she gets hungry. It’ll be good for her.. builds character!

“@cabel: day” Glad it’s not just me!

@RyanBretonWX I’ll still need to commute from the front door to my snow blower, though I don’t expect a lot of traffic.

@nhmomto3 It’s going to be quite a storm.. and I broke the axle on my blower yesterday!

@michaelrossback I’m really enjoying the two tracks you’ve posted so far and I’m looking forward to more! Any guess at a final release date?

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