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@Monkopotamus Easing into the autumnal baking season eh? Looks great. Where did you get the windfalls?

RT @uptontea: Put the kettle on #SolveMyProblemsIn4Words

RT @ownClouders: #ownCloud desktop client 2.0.0 is out with multi-account support and folder sync treshold…

TIL The speakers of the Queen’s English have an extra i in aluminum, which explains why their pronunciation is so crazy. Thx @VictoriaCoren.

@AlexMellett Wow. Heck of a way to spend a Saturday night!

@apolloniansound Have you mastered the pronunciation?

@EversourceNH Wow. I have one myself but it’s great to know they are freely available to people!

@EversourceNH Yes. Thank you. I was hoping to find a simple number to use but I was able to roll up the various charges and get to it.

@EversourceNH Is there an easy way for me to see what I pay per kWh? I’d like to calculate what a given device cost per month.

I’ve been doing some testing and it would appear @CentOS 7 would make a pretty good desktop. I can’t find a twitter client though…