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@DrShitlord I’m sure I can help. I’ll DM you later.

@wingneedle Pics or it didn’t happen! ?

@DrShitlord That’s too bad. I liked it. Pesky kids take’n up all your time. When does it go away?

@TheLucasBryant I was just watching The Truman Show. Were you an uncredited insurance coworker of Jim Carrey in that?

@WMUR9_Weather @HayleyWMUR Some flurries here in Derry, too!

@Nigella_Lawson I absolutely love the bloopers at the end of the Simply Nigella episodes. So funny and honest. I’m not the only clumsy cook!

RT @CrewJokes: Happy National Soundcheck Day!

@EventsUnited Very exciting news. Is there any more information posted online? Will it be in Manchester?

Not for the first time, @WeLoveServers has lost my VPS. My VPS goes offline and when I ask about it, they boot up a different one….

@BenHorne Are all of your cats accounted for? That’s a lot of hair!