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We didn’t do well, but I don’t think we lost playing trivia @thisisprofile.

Having a ton of fun playing trivia at @thisisprofile. Quiz master keeps giving us extra points. #pity #welltakeanything

@EventsUnited Awesome. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

@EventsUnited I saw on Twitter a few months back that you were building a studio. Any progress on that? I don’t see it on your site yet…

@wingneedle Great night for it!

@TheFoodLab @Odd_Hack I Agree there two. Hash, at least for me, usually contains a lot more ‘stuff’ than home fries. i.e. Red Flannel hash.

@apolloniansound !!! No time? No interest?

Totally spot on. I don’t get it. @LewisHamilton can’t have it both ways…

@realdougwilson @linotypefilm Sure. What can I do?

RT @Tom_Bergeron: Somebody needs a nap. via @CNNMoney

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