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RT @KBAndersen: I seldom-to-never RT things of this sort. But this is genius.

@mattnathanson Welcome.

I’ve spent/lost hundreds of hours in Creeper World and am very excited for this new game!

@historyteach46 Seems to be a few family members missing… and uninvited. ?

@ZorkianGrue Awesome! Moar tweets!

@gm8arv Yes. Thanks. I think it’s been changed in recent versions of NTP due to some exploits so it’s not doing what I’m expecting…

@gm8arv Do you know of any way to find out, from the server, who is polling your @Raspberry_Pi NTP Servers?

Anyone in Southern New Hampshire looking for an entry level IT Job? We host financial systems on AWS. Lots of room for growth. #NH #job #AWS

@AlisonDeAnne and I never get stickers. What’s the point of voting if you don’t get a sticker! #stillvoted

RT @noelfielding11: Wind my only friend ……I hate you x