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@historyteach46 @snowstar280 Her eyes say differently. ?

@g0mb0 Do you have a plan for its use? Limited by the single NIC, but some other functions available beyond routing I suppose.

@RamNode Maybe it’s an issue with the 128MB RAM level I’m choosing? I don’t see it listed…?

@RamNode Will support for @CentOS 7 ever be be added to your VPS Offerings?

@hickorystixbbq Do you know where you’ll be tomorrow AM?

RT @mattnathanson: there’s a world beneath these fireworks.

RT @gaywonk: .@CNN has a Trump surrogate problem, and it’s making the network’s election coverage unwatchable. http…

@snowstar280 Twitter truncated the instagram text. As a non-grammar it’s a hassle to click through. ?

@snowstar280 it’s what? Also, @julienrbaker is on twitter. P.S. Best record I heard in 2015. No question.

RT @johncbussey: Actual men’s locker room talk: “…ibuprofen..” “Who’s your orthopedist?..” “..finally up to 3 miles…” “..taking the kid…

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