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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28

February 28th, 2009

  • I intend to relax all day tomorrow…that likely means I will end up working most of the day on some tedious emergency call. #
  • I wish I could find a webhost that offered Mac OS X Server in a VM, for a reasonable price. Would save me a lot of trouble! #
  • Today shall be a day of purging. My room is a pit and needs to be tended to! #
  • Off to drop off some color film to be developed. #
  • Waiting for lunch to heat up. Then, it’s back to bedroom rescue. It’ll be clean if it kills me! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-27

February 27th, 2009

  • What a long day! Just got home from the last rehearsal of the week and looking forward to the weekend! #
  • Ok. I’m up, I’m up! Off to the coffee shop… or, for me, the tea shop 🙂 #

Into the Sky… Again!

February 27th, 2009

I recently had a chance to go for another flight in the Cessna 180. The weather around here has been very cold lately so there were some concerns that the plane would not be willing to come to life. Dave, the pilot and owner, brought with him a pre-heater for the plane though so after ten or fifteen minutes of warming when we pulled it out of the hanger it started up almost immediately.

Once we got things moving we began taxiing out to the runway at Hampton Airfield (7B3). The whole place is a sheet of ice from the hanger to the runway. In the best of times the runway is grass so in the winter they plow one side and leave the other snow, for people with skis. You can imagine the difficulty in doing a run up when your plane slides forward on the ice no matter what you do to the brakes!

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-26

February 26th, 2009

  • My mind is still running at 100mph but I need to try and get some rest. I need to be up and out early tomorrow AM… #
  • I’m not tired at all..I put my pajamas on inside out on purpose! It’s the latest fad! #
  • I’m back from the office.. and though I should keep working I can’t keep my eyes open. A power nap should help… back in a few! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-25

February 25th, 2009

  • Rehearsal is going great so far! We are ahead of schedule so far.. let’s hope it continues! #
  • Excellent rehearsal! Such a great time and we made a lot of forward progress! #
  • Ok. Time for bed. I am still exhausted and have not been able to catch up on rest in weeks…. #
  • More annoyed with work everyday. I’m only one person and I’m already working 100% flat out. I’m not even getting a competitive salary… #
  • Geez, it’s already 2pm. I guess I should eat lunch… #
  • Just plugged in the 10th HD to duplicate today. Takes about an hour for each drive. Fingers crossed that it’s a good image! #
  • Time to wash the tea cup and head out. Need to be at the church in 90 minutes to get ready for the Ash Wednesday service. #
  • So much stress. I need to unwind a bit before leaving for church… and I have 8 minutes to do so 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-24

February 24th, 2009

  • Just ordered every River Cottage DVD they offer. Very, VERY, excited! #
  • Hrm. I used too much tea in this cup. Crazy dry mouth feel to the tea. #
  • Wow. How the hours fly by! Time for a quick work lunch as I press on. Two steps forward one step back… #
  • Mega rehearsal tonight for both Ash Wednesday and this coming Sunday. I am already totally knackered… Time for a second wind! #

Fuji Superia 400 Film Review

February 24th, 2009

When I first bought my Nikon FE I canvased a few people I know that have or do shoot film to find out what they recommend for a general use film. Something that I could use for whatever might come my way. Everyone said to look for a 400 speed film and a number of them pointed me squarely at this Fuji film. It’s a standard print film that can be handled and processed most anywhere. I bought a few 36 exposure rolls and went to town, so to speak.

I am pretty impressed with this film. It does have a healthy amount of grain to it, though it’s not distracting, and it does very well with shadow detail. Color rendition is very strong with perhaps an affinity for greens; I understand Fuji is known for that.

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-23

February 23rd, 2009

  • Wow. I am so crazy busy. No time to come up for air at all. Finishing up hour 9 at work today and made almost no headway, is it worth it? #

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-21

February 21st, 2009

  • It’s been three weeks since I’ve looked at the pictures on my camera. I think I finally have a few minutes to do it now! #

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-20

February 20th, 2009

  • So much to get done today at the office. I have no lunch though and need to venture out to find sustenance. #
  • I’m waiting on some friends, and then off to the Apple store. This evening won’t cost me anything, thankfully, new laptop for them! #
  • I’m going to try and grab an older used Mac Pro on Ebay to replace my iMac. I will then use the iMac as my OS X Server. Thoughts? #

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