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D300: MB-D10 Battery Grip

January 10th, 2008

When I picked up my D300 I also bought the battery grip, as I mentioned in a previous post my primary reason for buying it was the ability to be able to use AA batteries if need be. I also bought a spare battery for the camera which also fits into the grip so when it came in I of course tried it out.

D300: Buffer Size and Limitations

January 9th, 2008

Lesson Learned: If using the D300 and you have Active D-Lighting enabled it will limit your frame buffer to 12 shots.

Active D-lighting is a new feature found in the D300, as well as the D3 I believe. Basically, it’s a way for the camera to optimize the image as you shoot. I’m really boiling it down here but it will enhance the dynamic range of an image to make the photo look more like you eye sees the world. Ken Rockwell has a much better explanation on his D300 review, an excellent resource. It’s the place I go for the real scoop on all things photographic.

D300: Interval Shooting

January 9th, 2008

I had band rehearsal last night and, just for fun, I put the D300 up on the tripod and set it to take a shot every minute. I was able to put the ‘Interval shooing’ option into my ‘Custom’ menu so it was easy enough for me to get to but it’s not all that intuitive to setup. Once I completed the options they made sense but at first glance I was somewhat confused as to what I was changing. They feature set offered for interval shooting is pretty good though. You call have it start shooing at an interval right away, or at a specified time which makes is versatile both for fun time lapse shoots as well as for some kind of surveillance shooting. For me I set up the camera about an hour before rehearsal while I was getting ready and set it to start shooting as rehersal began. I suppose the draw back there is that camera makes a bit of noise when the mirror lifts up and drops back down.

Review: Nikon D300

January 8th, 2008

Since I bought my Nikon D40 back about a year ago I’ve taken nearly 20,000 shots with it and could not be happier with the device. It does everything I had hoped it would and had a large enough feature set that I could grow into it a bit. I love it. It marks a real turning point for me in terms of becoming a ‘photographer’. One thing to be clear on though, spending money on cameras does not a good photographer make. What the D40 does do for me is allow the camera to get out of the way and let me take pictures.

As time has progressed however I’ve learned a lot and have begun to try taking some shots that my camera is not perfectly suited for. To that end, I started looking for a new device. As you can tell, I chose the Nikon D300. It was a tough decision for me but in the end I think the high cost will be worth it. The D300 is what Nikon positions as a semi-professional camera. It’s step down from their flagship D3 but still contains about 90% of the feature set. Truth be told the D300 cost me about the same amount of money as I have spent on all my other photography gear combined. This was not a decision I took lightly.