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Into the Sky… Again!

February 27th, 2009

I recently had a chance to go for another flight in the Cessna 180. The weather around here has been very cold lately so there were some concerns that the plane would not be willing to come to life. Dave, the pilot and owner, brought with him a pre-heater for the plane though so after ten or fifteen minutes of warming when we pulled it out of the hanger it started up almost immediately.

Once we got things moving we began taxiing out to the runway at Hampton Airfield (7B3). The whole place is a sheet of ice from the hanger to the runway. In the best of times the runway is grass so in the winter they plow one side and leave the other snow, for people with skis. You can imagine the difficulty in doing a run up when your plane slides forward on the ice no matter what you do to the brakes!

Into the Sky

November 6th, 2008

On November the 3rd I took my first flight in a small aircraft. Specifically it was in a Cessna 180 tail-dragger from the mid 1950s in beautiful condition with new upholstery and a traditional avionics setup with steam gagues and dials.

The day was overcast and cool but with very little wind and a cloud ceiling of about 3000 feet. When I woke up I looked outside I was worried the flight would be canceled but was quickly set at ease after a call to my friend Chris. With the clouds as high as they were they didn’t pose a problem at all and the forecast didn’t show any rain so we were still all set to go.