My Nikon FE

Well, I bought the FE. Got it at my local camera store, Eagle Photo. Used, of course, but in quite good condition. It appears to have been well loved but so far so good. I bought it with a ton of cheap, expired film so that I can test to see if it works correctly ect.

My Nikon FE

When I called their earlier today they told me they had the FE and a 24mm f/2.8 lens for very little money. I said great, I’ll be there before you close. When I got there the FE was there and looked good but the 24mm they were talking about was an off brand Tokina.… Click here to read more!

Cooking a Pork Rib Roast

A few weekends ago I roasted a Pork Rib Roast with a friend of mine. Neither one of use had ever eaten one.. let alone cooked one, so it was a bit of an adventure. He and I both enjoy cooking though so we gathered family and his pork reluctant girlfriend and prepared a feast. I’ve included a good number of images that are at the bottom of the post. I think I’ve posted information throughout this post that should explain them all…

The first step was to acquire the hunk of beast. I headed out to The Meat House the night before so see what they could do.… Click here to read more!

NAB News: Red Scarlet

NAB, or the National Association of Broadcasters, is holding their annual conference in Las Vegas this week. It’s a place for a number of companies to show off their new products ect. Standard conference stuff. Something quite interesting has caught my eye though, it’s the Red Scarlet.

I’m not usually a big video guy. I prefer sill images to video but the camera looks amazing. It shoots at 3k, well above current HD video standards, and will sell, as a complete package, for somewhere around the $3000 range. Time will tell how close they come to what they have announced, we won’t know until next year, but if it does hit the $3000 mark I may just have to pick one up.… Click here to read more!

Traffic Lights – Time Wasters for All!

I few months ago my route to work changed and now includes about a dozen traffic lights. I used to have to commute 90+ minutes down toward Boston in traffic but since my office has moved I now have the option of taking a more rural route. I’m not complaining.. it’s a huge improvement over the traffic and truth be told I could still cover most of my current commute on highways if I wanted to. It’s not that I’m unhappy with the lights, it’s just that I think they could be programmed to work more efficiently. Let me also preface this by mentioning that all of these observations are likely null and void in a more urban area where traffic is ubiquitous.… Click here to read more!