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NAB, or the National Association of Broadcasters, is holding their annual conference in Las Vegas this week. It’s a place for a number of companies to show off their new products ect. Standard conference stuff. Something quite interesting has caught my eye though, it’s the Red Scarlet.

I’m not usually a big video guy. I prefer sill images to video but the camera looks amazing. It shoots at 3k, well above current HD video standards, and will sell, as a complete package, for somewhere around the $3000 range. Time will tell how close they come to what they have announced, we won’t know until next year, but if it does hit the $3000 mark I may just have to pick one up. It’s quite a feat of engineering at any price but to make it something you can carry around… that’s just incredible.

Red is known for promising big and delivering though. A couple years ago they released a larger and slightly higher resolution camera that is designed to be used in full film production call the Red One. They still can’t get make them as fast as people want to buy them. It is a game-changer just like the Scarlet promises to be.

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  1. Interesting that you’d go for a Red camera – their booth is *packed* this year, and apparently was last year as well. The (more knowledgeable) guys I’m attending NAB with have had only good things to say about Red, but I haven’t been able to look (mainly b/c the line at their booth usually wraps all the way around).

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