Apple Leopard Server: Two Weeks Later

So, it’s been installed and running for two weeks. I think I made it pretty clear in the first review that it’s good but not perfect, nothing is and over the past 14 days I’ve had a chance to really dig in and learn new things and fix some problems.

If you have been following my twitter updates you may have noticed some, shall we say, frustrations, with the VPN server that come with Leopard server. Me, being lazy, setup a simple PPTP VPN for my use that I use to connect back home when I’m on the road or looking to secure my traffic from whatever random wireless I’m connected to.… Click here to read more!

Review: Apple’s Leopard Server

As you may have read in my twitter feed, I have installed Mac OS X Leopard Server on a basically stock Mac Mini for my personal use. The Mini hosts email and webmail, calendars, directory services and a VPN without any problems at all.

For a little bit of background, by day I am a Windows and Linux admin and am responsible for about dozen servers and ~750 users. I am very comfortable with servers and how they work so this setup was not my first go in the world of servers. This web server is hosted on one of my Linux servers as a matter of fact.… Click here to read more!

Choosing Film – Part One

It never occurred to me that buying film could be so confusing. With digital you just pick and ISO setting and go but with film each manufacturer makes a number of different kinds of film based on it’s speed, the way the grain looks, and if it’s color or black and white. I’ve been trying to pick out a few types of film as of late to bring on a short trip I’m taking north in the next few days. I received a great comment on my first Nikon FE post that pointed me toward a very simple approach to buying film.… Click here to read more!