A New Blogger is Joining the Ring!

I am pleased to announce that CodeC11b is coming aboard to do some blogging. Keep an eye out for some post from him in the next few days. I would also encourage you to leave feedback for him to let him know that he is inferior to me and if you want to call his manhood into question please don’t hesitate.


:: Shakes Fist at Apple ::

Hooray! Apple has released Dual Quad-Core Mac Pro’s today. Boo, they simply added a new (more expensive) model with the new processors. They are still selling the (now) older Dual Dual-Core Mac Pros for the same price! I was really hoping to get a dual quad for the same price they are currently selling the dual duals.. but alas all my waiting has been for not.. unless this is an interim step.

The indecision continues….