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Feisty Fawn Hasn’t Lost It’s Spots

April 23rd, 2007

Ubuntu’s released Feisty Fawn (7.04) a week ago, and I decided it was about time that Suse got the boot on my desktop media system. Having installed 6.10 on my laptop several weeks ago, I have been very very pleased with Ubuntu. I was quite excited to install Feisty Fawn, however I was met with a few surprises. The very first thing that happened was that the live cd did not properly detect my video card, and failed to load X. With the help of Topslakr, that was quickly resolved with a X -configure. I have had problems with my Nvidia video card in the past, but the latest Suse installs had no problem, so I was a bit disappointed. The second thing that happened which was no big deal, but still a bit surprising, was there was no install shortcut on my desktop. I did find it in the menus, but there is no reason I should have had to find it all. The last thing that kind of surprised me was that Gparted was no longer the partition utility used during the install. Gparted was on the live cd, and being that this is just a personal preference, once again really no big deal. The only major difference that I noticed right away was the new wireless utility, a very big plus. This was the easiest wireless setup I have done within Linux by far. It automatically detected the WPA encryption, and asked me for a password, without ever so much as opening up a config file — good bye wpa-supplicant.

Dual Booting Ubuntu with a Preinstalled Windows Image

April 12th, 2007

I now have on two separate systems resized the Windows XP partition and have dual booted with Ubuntu. This process was absolutely painless. The first step of course is making sure you have enough free space on your system to load Ubuntu. I believe at a minimum you need 2GB to install the base image however this not nearly sufficient. I believe for Ubuntu you should have at least 5GB. As always make sure to backup any important files, because although unlikely you may loose them all.

To get started you should download an Ubuntu Live CD (DVD is preferable for more packages), pop it in your computer and boot up with it. When Ubuntu loads up, on its desktop there is an install shortcut for you to click on. After a few steps it asks you if you want partitions to be handled automatically, or manually. Go ahead do it manually, it really is quite simple. This should load up a copy of GParted.

There’s an Apple in my Window, and I want Out

April 10th, 2007

Last night I was playing with my iPod, and decided to try migrating away from iTunes, and try something native to Linux. Topslakr had once warned me the difficulty in doing so, but I thought I would try anyway. First I attempted gtkPod, and was very disappointed with its inability to handle Podcast subscriptions. However, gtkPod did seem to handle music content quite well. I then loaded up RhythmBox and thought I had a winner… after importing my whole music collection, and subscribing to all my Podcasts, I completely failed to notice that the program could not sync to an iPod but could only play from an iPod (Bakaw?). To make things worse, RhythmBox decided to stop downloading my Podcasts, and then hung. I then loaded up Banshee, but closed it quickly. It must of been bad since I can’t remember anything about it. Lastly, before running out of steam, I tried gPodder (a Podcast aggregator only). This program seemed to work very well for subscribing to Podcasts, and syncing them to the iPod. My only complaint is that I can’t run it in the background, and just have it sync whenever I plug the iPod in. When looking up packages, I did see a Podcast aggregator that was command line, so when I get I chance I’m going to give that a try. My idea is that I can have the command line aggregator update my Podcast folder in a cron job, then I can just use gtkPod to sync over everything. I do find it bizarre that the only thing holding me to Windows at the moment is Apple, go figure.-CodeC11b

Suse Fallout – Caught Cheating With Ubuntu

April 8th, 2007

After a year of standing strong by Suse, this week may be the last I see of it on my dedicated Linux desktop media system. This computer was the first system of mine to see an open source OS, and Suse 10.0 was my first love. After a few weeks of being promiscuous with distros, such Mandriva and Fedora Core, Suse hit the spot with its 10.1 makeover. Mandriva was very clean and pretty, but turned out to be quite controlling. Time and time again I told Mandriva that my wireless card really wasn’t a scanner, but time and time again Mandriva tried to keep me from the internet. I broke it off clean with Mandriva, wondering what could have been… but then Fedora came around with a clean polish, and it was difficult to resist. From the start Fedora was not a good match for me. This distro was a bit too foreign for me, and I wasn’t willing to spend the time to learn the command vocabulary necessary to get our relationship off the ground. My major compliant was an apparent lack of central management skills; Fedora was far too bubbly for me. Fedora Core made me miss YAST and SAX, and eventually it was inevitable with a new release, that Suse was going to have a second chance. Suse 10.1 was fantastic through many months of college, supporting me in every aspect to learn Linux, and migrate from Windows. Suse served as a wireless router, a backup system, and as a media system. For the first time I had an easy to use, central computer, that liberated my IBM T43 from the confines of my campus wired internet. For the first time I had a system that could show me the world through the eyes of a 27inch television, and allowed me to hear the beautiful sounds of 5.1. Everything was going great, until I took it a bit too far.

Podcast Top 10 – The CodeC11b Picks

April 5th, 2007

For several months I thought my iPod Mini may have been dead. The battery wouldn’t charge, or if it did, it would drain within an hour. Afraid to even look at it, I packed it away for three months and avoided the inevitability that I might have to replace it. Through those three months I had purchased several CD’s, and began to grow tired of having to switch them out.

Luckily when I got around to resurrecting the Mini it worked. One of the first things I decided to do was jump on the bandwagon, and download a few podcasts. This was important to me as I know that playing music in the morning is a sure to make me fall a sleep… sleeping and driving usually don’t mix well. Up until this point I have been listening to a local radio morning show (which I just realize also has a podcast). Not really knowing what was good, I kind of blindly wandered through the iTunes Store. Topslakr also suggested a few good ones.

Plantronics Discovery 640E Bluetooth Headset Review

April 5th, 2007

Recently I purchased the Plantronics Discovery 640E Bluetooth Headset. I spent a week looking up different headsets and getting a feel for what was out there. The main reason for wanting to get one was that I have a long commute to work. For the past couple of years I have been relying on the speaker phone of my LG (currently I have the LG VX8300 from Verizon), but often times I still found I was holding it up to my ear. I found that people with low bassy voices were near impossible to hear, and I ended up spending more time concentrating on what it is I thought I heard them say, opposed to watching the road.

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue

April 4th, 2007

A couple of years ago I had a Dell Inspiron 5150. It was my first move from a desktop computer to a laptop, and mostly I decided that it would be more convenient to have a portable computer while I was headed off to college. At the time I was really looking for a desktop replacement. The Dell 5150 seemed like a perfect match. It was affordable, and on top of that it had an Intel P4, with a 15″ 1600×1200 resolution screen. P4!!! What kind of fool would put a P4 in a laptop, and what kind of a bigger fool would have bought that laptop? Well as turns out I’m that kind of fool, and it didn’t take long to realize the mistake that I had made.

A New Blogger is Joining the Ring!

April 4th, 2007

I am pleased to announce that CodeC11b is coming aboard to do some blogging. Keep an eye out for some post from him in the next few days. I would also encourage you to leave feedback for him to let him know that he is inferior to me and if you want to call his manhood into question please don’t hesitate.


:: Shakes Fist at Apple ::

April 3rd, 2007

Hooray! Apple has released Dual Quad-Core Mac Pro’s today. Boo, they simply added a new (more expensive) model with the new processors. They are still selling the (now) older Dual Dual-Core Mac Pros for the same price! I was really hoping to get a dual quad for the same price they are currently selling the dual duals.. but alas all my waiting has been for not.. unless this is an interim step.

The indecision continues….