Using all that you can

Well, the greatest holiday of the year has come and gone and what do we have to show for it? Heaps and heaps of food. Sure, we all know how to make the turkey last, making all manner of turkey recipes for weeks to come but what about the bones? The carcass. You make stock of course!

I’m a meat eater and I have no problem with that. I have a lot of problems with they way meat is produced, hence my on going effort to try to produce at least some of it on my own, but eating meat is not something I find offensive or wrong.… Click here to read more!

Give 1 Get 1 – Today!

I just wanted to a take a moment and post a reminder about the OLPC Give 1 Get 1 program. From today until November 26th you can buy one of these great machines. Basically, for $400 plus shipping, which was about $25 for me, you by two laptops. One is mailed to you and the other one is donated. I’ve posted about this program before but since today is the first day anyone in the US or Canada can just buy one I thought it worth repeating.

I have already ordered mine which they said should arrive in time for the holidays.… Click here to read more!

Waiting in Line for Leopard

For the first time I went to the Apple store to wait in on of their much publicized lines. It was the release of Leopard and I wanted to be there to a get a T-shirt. To be sure I got the software as soon as I legally could I had already pre-ordered online and by the time the store release rolled around at 6 PM I had already installed my copy of leopard on my laptop and my iMac but, as an email Apple sent out mentioned, they were giving away limited edition T-Shirts to the first 500 people at each store….… Click here to read more!

Book Review: The River Cottage Year

As mentioned in a previous post, I bought two of Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s books, The River Cottage Year and The River Cottage Meat Book. While I finish reading about raising my own meat I thought I ought to post some of my thoughts about The River Cottage year.

The book is pretty good, it’s well written quite concise. It’s a bit more of a cook book then I was expecting though. Basically it’s broken up into 12 chapters, once for each month and Hugh talks a little bit at the beginning of each chapter about what he is doing at this time of year for his farm, usually about 2 pages worth.… Click here to read more!