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@drshitlord I certainly won’t be spending the next year wasting a syllable. Twenty Fourteen!

@DrShitlord @TomWelland @mgagle @lenire Someone on my local Freecycle just posted a ‘vintage’ 19? Tube TV. Vintage baby!

@TomWelland @DrShitlord Indeed. No one wants you useless OM10.. but if you had a Vintage OM10 hipsters will foam at the mouth!

@drshitlord There you go.. take a long vacation and write, write, write. Then, schedule the posts to fill until your next vacation.

@drshitlord I sincerely wish you would.

@drshitlord Yes, it does… assuming the percentage of the garnet covered in yesterday’s dinner is less than 16.4%.

@altonbrown Surely the question should be _when_ are you!

@drshitlord @tomwelland Ha! Too true. So.. cook it a long while and add things to it that you think taste good. No further detail available.

@drshitlord @tomwelland No controversy then, I have never used stock.

@drshitlord @tomwelland She uses stock? I never need more liquid. I’d love to know the spices she adds in…

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