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New additions to the Image Gallery

July 23rd, 2007

Well, I have returned from Nashville where I went to the Music & Worship Conference. Had a great time down there and I took a ton of pictures. I have posted all of the images that I didn’t delete in their unedited form. Out of the 1600 shots I took I’ve keep about 500, not to bad I’d say.

Have a Look. I’ve posted in two groups, one group is pictures from the concerts and classes and the other is shots from around the City as we took some time during our final day to look around downtown Nashville.


Kodak z712 IS Review- The Good, the Bad and the Blurry

July 17th, 2007

After a long day of taking photos with Topslakr and my girlfriend up at the Flume Gorge in New Hampshire, I decided that my proverbial unit was not big enough. With my pocket sized Canon PowerShot SD450, It was near impossible to take shots in the dark shadow of Topslakr’s telephoto lens. On a clear bright day the SD450 performed admirably, but under lighting I would consider adequate, the camera produced grainy and blurry images. From a camera that is marketed as a point and shoot, I found it too difficult to produce images that were of any reasonable quality in a variety of situations. At ISO 100, there was noticeable grain, and to me this was unacceptable. At the end of the day the SD450 was not the camera for me.

WeddingCamera Model: Canon PowerShot SD450
Shutter Speed 1/8 sec.
Aperture Value: f/4.5
ISO: 400
Flash Fired: No
Focal Length: 14.4 mm (35mm: 85.5mm)
Camera Mode: Auto


Followup: Thecus N5200

July 17th, 2007

Well, I have my first real drive failure on my hands. The array has been running for a few months now (though not without issue), and when I logged into it the other day I noticed I have a drive on the fritz. The array did not send me an email telling me about the issue but that could be understandable as the array is not currently degraded, I just have a drive with a few errors. I will place an order for a new disk and go through the process of replacing it. The manual says all I need to do is pull the bad drive and pop in a new good one. We’ll see how well that goes… I just hope I don’t loose any (more) data.

I’ll post more when I know more…


HP. Not Perfect, but Trying!

July 12th, 2007

I like HP. They make a good product at a competitive price and most importantly they stand behind what they sell. I’m not going to get into details about my job or our server environment ect ect but I do want to relay a couple of things that have helped to cement my position on HP.

Shortly after I was hired on at the company I work for my boss and I (we’re a very large IT department…) were asked to get a server in house and prepared to host a new application in 10 days. Quite a tall order. We looked into a number of server from Dell, IBM, HP ect ect and settled on getting an HP ML 350 G5. We placed a call to HP sales and begin to talk to the person about our needs and the kind of use the machine would see. With the help of our rep we zeroed in on the hardware we needed. One thing we chose to do though was to go with SATA hard drives instead of the faster (and exponentially more expensive) SAS drives. Our rep reccomended we go with SAS but we didn’t listen. I manage hundreds of users abroad but our central office has only about 30 users. We were looking to host an internal app that would be accessed by maybe 10 people at most so we didn’t think using the SATA drives would be a problem. Boy were we wrong.

Treo as a Modem: The Windows (Part 2)

July 9th, 2007

Ok, Well, I took a minute to try out pairing my Treo to my Windows XP laptop to see what I could do. The short answer is that the process works and I can get online using the phone as a modem.

The long answer is that it happens in typical windows fashion. I paired the phone using the XP bluetooth tools. During that process it asks which services you would like to use with the phone, one of them is to use the phone as a modem. So far so good. As soon as I clicked on the check box though I swear to you 4, yes FOUR wizards opened on my screen. Some installing drivers, others asking for information. About 60 seconds later things started calming down and I went through the remaining wizards. Basically, they just want to know how to connect with bluetooth and what to dial when connected. Ok, fine, ugly but functional. Once the wizards were gone I went looking for how to initiate the connection as found it under network connection. I right clicked, chose connect and was prompted with the standard windows dialer screen, very similar to how you would connect to a VPN. I put in the user name and password info as before plus the phone number and clicked connect. All is well, just remember to activate modem link one the phone before hand!

Cingular Treo 750 as a Modem

July 6th, 2007

Ok, using my Macbook and my Treo 750 it was pretty simple to get online. I’ll outline my process here for anyone else who might be curious to try. I will also post about getting it to work with my HP nc6400, assuming I’m able to make it happen…

Step 1:

Install the Treo Cingular modem scripts. All you need to do is download this file and copy the contained files into the /Library/Modem Scripts folder starting from the root of your system drive. You will not find this folder in your users Library folder.

Step 2:

Pair your mac and your phone. Enable Bluetooth on both your mac and your treo 750, and set your Treo to be discoverable. When you are in the bluetooth panel enableing bluetooth the option to make discoverable is just beneath it.

I have my mac setup to show bluetooth preferences in the menubar, and I’d reccomend you do that as well. It makes this much simpler going forward and make for reconnecting to the internet over bluetooth that much easier. You’ll find it as an option in your system preferances.

Online… From the Highway…

July 3rd, 2007

Well, We have just left a fireworks display in Portsmouth, NH. While I was there I was thinking about how to make my Treo 750 work as a modem on my Macbook. I of course was unable to get it to work while sitting on a hill in the middle of now where but as we were sitting in the post fireworks traffic I was able to get my airport to connect to some unsecured wireless. I grabbed the modem scripts I needed just as we got moving again. A few miles down road I was able to get my Mac and my Treo to talk to each other.. and here I am. Blogging from the road. Very cool.. Very Very Geeky.. I know.

I’ll Post a simple to use howto when I can get my notes together. When I’m working through a problem I tend to move fast and not keep good notes (Read that as: No Notes At All)… I’ll go back and do that later 🙂