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Server Woes

January 22nd, 2007

Server Downtime. Yeah, I know. No one noticed. I’m going to explain it here anyway… I won’t go into detail here about my actual server setup, that is a post for another time but I’ll outline the basics. Starting my day on Saturday I was running three physical servers and an additional four more virtual servers plus a 2TB NAS array. One of my servers handles for the most part email, and that one is running fine. The other two were storage/Virtual Server hosts. Those two were in a bit of trouble and needed to be given the once over and combined into one server that I thought we be enough to get me through another few months. No, I will mention that I do use the word server a bit loosely here, none of my hardware is really server grade at this point but those machines are not desktops and sit in a closet and serve every day all day. I took two of my servers offline with the hope of taking the better bits of hardware from them both and making them into on really effective server. I had 2 RAID arrays running in critial states, OS installs that were quite crippled do to some of my past mistakes and some messy configuration hacks that needed to be cleaned up and streamlined. I consolidated the hardware from the older slower machine into the faster machine and got ready to power back up. I had created a couple new RAID arrays, doubled my memory ect and headed back out to the server closet to get started on doing a fresh install of my favorite version of Linux.

Ice Storm Pictures

January 17th, 2007

I have posted my final pictures from the ice storm that happened at the beginning of the week. I pulled down all of the originals and replaced them with the ones I liked best. I did do some cropping and light editing in iPhoto but nothing serious. I am also going to try and get some shots where the sun is shining over the next few days so keep an eye out for those as well. I stopped on my way home from work today to try and get some but my camera had been in my car all day and the battery was dead after being held at about 5 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 hours. I’ll have to take it with me into the office when it’s that cold out…

To see the images click the ‘Image Gallery’ link at the top of the right sidebar.


UPDATE: Images can be found here, at my image gallery. The setup of the site has changed since this post was created.

Nikon D40

January 14th, 2007

Well, I bought it. No regrets. I love the camera. It’s honestly no more work to use then my Canon Powershot and I get such better pictures. It is so great to be able to grab the camera pop in a couple of settings and snap off 100 pictures.

As I’ve mentioned before this is my first SLR of any kind. I have no other lenses (though I do have my eye on a couple) and aside from the camera it self I have made no other serious investments for it. I use my Apple Macbook and iPhoto to edit the images for the most part and dabble in photoshop or whatever else when needed. I do have a monopod (ironically a Canon) and I bought a $25 Tamrac bag to carry the camera. I shove it into my laptop backpack. With all of that being said.. eloquently I might add the following has been my experience with it.