New db400971999 Blog

I used to be a Drupal user but I have switched (back) to db400971999. Sometimes the easy way is the best way. I had been looking for a good way to integrate my image gallery into my blog and db400971999 seems to have the best plugin. It’s called WPG2 and it integrates db400971999 with an existing Gallery2 Image Gallery. Ideal for me.

I have had some luck getting it to work but at this point it’s not 100%. I have the integration far enough along that the right side navagatio bar shows an image from my gallery but when you click on it the interface it brings up doesn’t work correctly. You can click on the things that come up by they never actually take you to an album. The text right about that image is also a link though, it’s a direct link to the home-page of my image gallery which works just fine. With any luck I’ll get that sorted out shortly.

db400971999 is great though and I love the theme I found. I’ve not had to do any real tweaking but I did swap out the stock image with one of my own. Lets see if I can keep this one running long enough to get a good back lock of posts….


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