The Wheels of Progress

Well, It’s been a while hasn’t it? Let me wipe the cob webs of the site (and the servers, but thats another post) and mention a couple of things I have in the works. First off, my Thecus N5200 has been having some trouble lately and I think it’s something that needs to be posted about. As it turns out the web interface for the product is severely lacking and does not in any way provide adequate data about the array’s health. Look for a scathing post about that coming up…

In other (better) news Apple has released some new software (iLife 08,iWork 08) and updated both the Mac Mini and the iMac. Something that should come as little surprise to anyone who reads my postings is that I have bought a new iMac. My first in fact and I’m quite impressed. It hasn’t been without a few hiccups but overall I am loving the machine. I’ll get a good post online about that in the coming days as well.

In connection with this iMac purchase I have also subscribed to Apple’s .Mac service. Up until recently this was a pretty limited service offering very little value for the price (With a new Mac it’s $70/year, if you buy it alone or renew the service it’s $99/year). With the advent of Google offering people gobs of space for free and Microsoft doing the same Apple has updated the service to offer 10GB of space. It also includes IMAP email and some interesting syncing features to keep multiple macs up to date. What got me though was the new .Mac Web Gallery. Using the new version of iPhoto that comes with iLife 08 it’s dead simple to add photos to the site plus the interface on the site is great as well (if a little slow to load). Considering it takes me literally an hour to upload 50-100 photos to my web gallery and about 5 second to upload to .Mac it was a no brainer for me. I will get my site converted over to use that exclusivly as soon as I have a chance to rework my DNS to point to it. In the mean time you can take a look here.

My lack of posting, I can assure you, has nothing to do with me not wanting to post. Quite the contrary, I have lots to talk about. I have been really busy during my evenings however and I have to admit I’m OK with that. My recording studio is basically booked solid for another 6 weeks. A great thing so far as I can tell. I will try and get my posts finished and online before the months end… wish me luck!


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