Blog Enhancements: Header Image Rotation

For a weekend project I’m going to try and get an image rotation for the header working. CodeC11b set this up once before and I’ve been meaning to set it back up. I tried a few months ago but was unsuccessful. We’ll see if I have better luck this time.

The static image with the grass and tractor is great but I have a few other images I’d like to use and it would be a nice thing to keep adding to. I’m always out shooting new pictures and every once in a while I see something that would work pretty well for that sort of short wide format.

This post is basically an apology for anyone who stumbles across the page while I’m still working. I’m way to lazy to do any testing on an offline version of the site so all of my work will show up in real time as I do it. I learned to code HTML when I was in seventh grade and while I did that for a while I never caught the wave of PHP. With any luck I’ll be able to hack my way through it enough to accomplish what I’m trying to do… Wish me Luck


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