Server Woes: Part Two

So, the site has been down a lot lately. Pretty crappy. I’m a cheap guy and have been putting off replacing my UPS for a while now. Basically, even though it’s batteries are old it has always had enough juice in it to smooth over the quick power glitches that happen from time to time. Recently it has failed at that task. I should also add that it was never designed to be used for servers as I’m using it. It was designed for desktop use, a single tower maybe a monitor and a printer…Not three servers, a Raid array and a computer converted into a router. As I type this I’m wondering if it is even really capable of providing enough juice.

Fact of the matter is about every 12 hours it just stops working. I don’t think it’s related to power problems, I think I’ve just managed to fry it. Basically, it just stops sending power through itself and starts beeping. To fix it I have to travel deep into the basement and power cycle it and then power back on all of my servers. It’s a hassle to be sure and every time it happens I wonder if this will be the last time they come back on.

I have finally ordered a new UPS though and it should be here soon, hopefuly before this weekend. I ordered the APC BR1200 through Newegg. Newegg used to be a great place to get computer hardware and while they are still pretty good their turn around time has gotte much longer. I used to be able to order over the weekend and have it hear on Wednesday. Now, when I place my order it doesn’t even ship out until Wednesday… unless you pay them an additialn $2.99 to speed things along.. Not cool.

With any luck this APC will resolve my issues. I’ve always had good luck with APC both with UPS devices and surge protectors. In my experience they have always made really solid stuff that I can depend on. I have no idea how competitive they are price-wise but I’ve never been so shocked by the price that I considered buying from anyone else… Damn me and my brand loyalty…


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