Back from Vacation… Where do I stand?

Well, I’ve just returned from a week long vacation into the white mountains here in New Hampshire. I am tired but it was enough of a change of pace for me that I’m feeling refreshed as well. To me, that’s what a vacation should be, a change of pace. We saw a lot of rain and had to change our plans continually but in the end we did find plenty of fun and new things to do.

We head into the mountains basically every year. If I were the only person choosing, it would be every year. I love that area. This year we went a little farther north then we usually do and were in an area that we don’t normally get to compounded by the biblical amounts of rain we have seen this year and our usual repertoire of activities was severely limited. We had to change it up.

Something that I really enjoyed was riding the bike trail through Franconia Notch. I’ll admit, the notch isn’t as fun now that that the Old Man of the Mountain is gone but I love it anyway. Riding through the area was excellent. We started just north of Canon Mountain and while we had a good bit of up hill riding to do the majority was downhill and quite pleasant. I tried to stop a few times to shoot some pictures but I was having too much fun to take more then a few dozen.

I’ll get a section of the image gallery setup for the pictures I took as soon as I get around to sorting them out and getting them ready to be seen. I didn’t go on vacation with the expectation of shooting everyday but I’m sure I’ll find a shot or two that I liked.

I did have a rude awakening though with my photography. I picked up a few rolls of film I shot and let me tell you… not good. I really need to force myself to take fewer but better photos. I need to focus on composition and the final image instead of just firing the camera at everything I see. I need to refocus on the basics.

Also, my Nikon FE seems to not be working right. It gets stuck with the mirror up. At first it seemed to only screw up on the expensive film, the Velvia 50 but no it’s jamming on almost everything. I have nothing to loose so I’m going to see if I can fix it. I am planning on buying another used manual camera though. Having to work so hard to make a photo did have an effect on my shooting and I don’t want to loose that. Still dreaming of developing my own film though…


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