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RT @SecretService: The Secret Service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon.

@TheFoodLab How about a narrated time lapse of your testing process. What you test, and why, at each stage for a given recipe.

Enjoyed a delicious brisket breakfast sandwich from @hickorystixbbq last Friday. I need to explore more of that menu…

@fitchitis @opnsense Yes! Please! Installing over serial is impossible. This would help mitigate that for graphics-less machines.

@applianceshopeu @opnsense Is just that case available for sale anywhere? I’d love to rack my APU hardware, instead of using the small case.

#MotionX Share: Evening hike to the Great Rock… MotionX-GPS

#MotionX Share: Great hike Saturday. Finally made it to the Exeter… MotionX-GPS

Converted from @ownCloud to @Nextclouders today, and converted 4 sites to use @letsencrypt. It’s been a busy afternoon.

RT @ofBrokenborings: There is no such weather as “too hot for tea”

@nhmomto3 Nasty bit of weather over by you. I hope you’re all Ok.

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