The Nikon D40 is for me

December 31st, 2006

Well, I went down to a local photo shop (Eagle Photo, New Hampshire) and took a look at some cameras. I have decided to get the Nikon D40. When I went down to the shop it was the middle of our first(if very late) snow storm. I had never been there before and Portsmouth isn’t a town that I get out to very often so I took a few wrong turns. I may have also accidentally turned into a few vacant unplowed lots and perhaps had some fun with my car… but that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is I loved the camera and am going to have to buy one. The people at the shop were awesome and if you live anywhere near there I would recommend stopping in and talking to them. They have all kinds of cameras both film and digital ranging from pocket size point-and-shoot all the way up to some great looking SLR models. What really sold me on the place was how knowledgeable about the devices they were. Even though the D40 came out only a few short weeks ago the guy in the shop was willing to to show me tons about the camera and found out how to answer any question he didn’t know. They also offered a wide range of photo printing services, I will have to try those out in the future. The gentleman I spoke what clearly a Pentax guy but he made no attempt to push me toward them. He offered some information about Nikons, Canons and Pentax models and we went over the specifics of each model in my price range and the pros and cons. Extremely helpful and I place I am glad to begin buying my cameras from.

The camera itself felt great and it offers a wide range of control over the shots. One thing I really liked about it was that it has everything from a fully automatic mode all the way up to a fully manual mode so I will be able to use the camera to help me develop my photography skills. I still have some reservations about using the SLR such as how to keep the CCD clean and how to keep it safe in my backpack but overall I think getting this SLR will be a good starting point for me. I’m still at a point where while I like to take pictures and I want my pictures to be good but I’m not sure how into photography I’m going to want to get. Hopefully the D40 will be a good platform to start from.

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