New Raid Array

In a not so distant past I had 1.5 Terabytes of storage on one of my servers. That array met with it’s sad end one day and all my data was lost. I had bought a raid card and 6 250GB Western Digital drives(I know, thats not 1.5TB the server had some other storage not on that array). The drives didn’t do well in the array and needed to be reinitialized every couple of weeks. It is now a well know issue with certain WD drives in RAID arrays. The card I bought was also not as good a choice as I had hoped. While it did have some linux support it was very limited and I was unable to check the status of the array except at boot time. The storage was usable and fast enough but I had to reboot once a week and add whatever drive had failed back into the array. Well.. I missed a week and when I finally got around to rebuilding the array another drive died during the rebuilt. All data was lost…

Well, the time has come and I’m getting another one setup. I’ve decided to go with something dedicated to the purpose. We’ll see if it pans out any better. I’m getting the Thecus N5200 and I’m filling it with 5 500Gb Western Digital drives. I know, I know.. problems before but these drives are listed by Thecus as being 100% compatible. I should end up with about 2 Terabytes of storage. A welcome addition. I’ll try to get a review posted with my thoughts.. and perhaps even some pictures of my setup with the Nikon D40 I’m going to get…


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