New Year… so new and fresh

What is the point of a New Year celebration? Is it really that big of a deal to change the calendar on the wall? I mean iCal and Outlook don’t pop up on January first and scream about the change from one year to the next. New Years is simply a time for people to get drunk and nothing more. Sure lots of people make ‘resolutions’ but what is the point of that? If you have something that you should be doing to better yourself do you really have to wait for the 1st of the year to do it? Let’s me honest, it’s just convenient. No one wants to start a new diet in November so they put it off until the temptation to over eat or to indulge in great holiday food has passed. Once the immediate reason to goto party after party is gone people decide to stop drinking or smoking. Using the first of the year is just a way to pat yourself on the back, a way for you to announce to the world that you are going to be better this year then last. This is a very profitable time of year for all of the gyms, people are signing up to go work out and some very very small percentage actually do. It’s pure profit, money is just raining down but two months from now gym attendance will be back down to its usual level and they get to keep the money. If you want to go out and party then do it, if you want to loose weight then do it but you needn’t wait for the yearly changing of the calendars to start that promise. Just do it, the best time to start bettering yourself is now.


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