‘Tis the Christmas Season

Thats right, I said it. I celebrate Christmas and I’m not afraid to say it! It doesn’t bother me that you might celebrate something else or nothing at all. If you are Jewish then please wish me a happy Hanukkah, I promise not to be offended. This current atmosphere or being insanely politically correct is, in fact, crazy.

I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person, even if I do say so myself, and I am able to cope with the notion that you might have a different set of beliefs then I do. What is the goal of these people who get so worked up over Christian or Jewish or whatever else references? Do they want to pretend publicly that they celebrating nothing and believe in nothing? Are these people so self centered that they can’t even entertain the thought that there are people out their that believe in something different? Do these people want to look around and see only symbols of their beliefs and no one else’s? Is that point? Is this the angry Atheists getting all worked up for fun again?

As an aisde, what is the deal with atheism today? They choose to not believe in God, thats fine, do your thing, but who says I have to do the same? Why should I be attacked for wanting to celebrate a holiday? Why should anyone? Their outrage over a nativity scene is, in fact, expressing the same thing the nativity scene is. If someone chooses to celebrate a holiday by setting up a nativity how is that any different then an antheist choosing to not celebrate a holiday and by extension displaying nothing? I’m not forcing you to display a nativity and likewise you shouldn’t be forcing me to not display a nativity. Your choice of inaction is the expression of your non-belief, the choice of action in the expression of my belief.

When did this all happen? When did people get so sickiningly self-centered? Is this just another mad grab for cash? Are people looking to sue anyone and everyone over anything? Is there a judge offering $100,000 per letter for ‘offensive words’?

I am so tired of sitting though school band and chorus concerts while the students sing choruses of ‘O Holiday Tree’. Is that any less offensive? We all know what the song is about, who are they kidding? It’s a Christmas tree! If they are that worried about it why not also sing a traditional Hanukkah song? Instead of celebrating neither I’d much rather celebrate both!

So.. after that rant filled with holiday cheer.. let me wish you a Merry Christmas.


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