Blog Downtime

Had a bit of downtime this past week. It was totally my fault. As you may know from reading the Server Configuration Page, I run this webserver as a VM using VMWare‘s VMWare Server. Long story short, they released a beta of the next version of VMWare Server, VMWare Server 2.0, and I just had the try it out.

As of right now the software is working great. I screwed up the uninstall/install process of the software which caused me some unneeded headache but once I sorted out my mistake and got things rolling I’ve been pretty happy with it. I was a bit lost at first but once I realized all of the management had moved to a web interface I was able to sort out how to use it. It looks like the overall functionality has stayed more or less the same but the way you control it is much improved. It’s nice to only need a web browser instead of me having to VNC into the host server and control it there. That’s important because now I can have the VM host be an even more basic installation without a GUI. I can install the software from the command line and then control it via the web browser which leaves more server time for the VMs. Right.. well, this has been boring enough eh?


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