Trying to Keep Current

I’ve been making some changes to the site over the past few days. The most obvious one is that I have setup the front page to only show a few lines of each post and to include a link to the rest of the post. Should make the front page a little easier on the eyes as well as the scroll wheel.

I have added a Who Are We? page to offer a bit of information about the authors on this site as well as a my motivation for posting. As of today CodeC11b has not added to that page though I hope he will shortly. I have also updated the Server Configuration page for all those interested in that sort of thing.

On a related note, the server has been moved to new and hopefully more reliable hardware. While in that process I took it upon myself to refresh the software I am using to run this site. (db400971999 hosted on a Mandriva Linux installation running a typical LAMP stack). During that process I rebuilt the image gallery I am using. Unfortunaly I have not yet found the time to completly repost all of the images I had in the gallery before. I have them all locally though and hope to refill the database soon with the old, as well as the new… time permitting…


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